Balanced Support Reins Fitting Guide

Fitting Your Balance Support Reins

Before you buckle up please watch our short video on how to correctly fit your balanced support reins.

Please see translated videos here in German 🇩🇪, Spanish 🇪🇸, French 🇫🇷, Dutch 🇳🇱 and Swedish 🇸🇪.

Fitting Tips

Attach reins as normal to the bit or bit-less bridle.

Do not let the elastic support straps dangle to prevent them being stood on or being caught.

We recommend clipping to the bit or to the rein.

The elastic support straps then clip to saddle D rings on each side. *Do not cross them over the wither to opposite sides.*

If your saddle does not have D rings, we have D ring replacers available.

D Ring Extender

When attaching the clips to the D rings, the elastic should be on the loosest setting (nearest rider’s hands).

The reins should not be stretched and pull the horse/pony’s head in to the vertical.

We recommend that for the first use, the horse/pony is lead without a rider to allow them to get used to the feel.

When the rider has mounted and has a rein contact, the elastic support straps will slacken. They should not be fitted tight but can be adjusted via the buckle holes.