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Designed to support riders with an easy-to-use horse rein that allows your pony to move freely.

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The original, tried and tested, patented design, beneficial for adults and children alike, less experienced riders or those with a weaker grip. Benefit from greater control and strengthen your love of horse riding.

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Balanced Support Reins are an original, versatile, and unique horse riding aid. Designed for inexperienced riders, children, or riders with weak grip, providing an ‘extra pair of hands’ to allow riders to easily and confidently control their pony in a gentle way.
Designed by horse riders, for horse riders.

Our mission

Designed in the UK by stable manager and experienced horse rider Krissy Bowden, Balanced Support Reins are a unique horse riding aid, addressing particular challenges often faced by children, inexperienced riders or riders with a weak grip.

Our aim is to easily enable greater control and confidence for the rider, in a way that is gentle for the pony. Our easy-to-use horse reins allow the rider to safely maintain the correct position in the saddle.

Helping thousands of riders across the UK, USA and Europe.

We are proud that Balanced Support Reins have been recommended by many riders and trainers. We have an extensive list of users around the world who endorse our range of products.

What people say...

"I bought these for my 5 year old daughter following a fall which resulted in a nasty break of her arm! They are helping to give her her confidence back and she does not feel the pony throwing her head, the pony also rides in more of an outline which also helps. My older daughter (9yrs) has ridden the pony using these new reins and feels more in control, and doesn’t notice the pony pulling at the reins ! Safety first!"

Patent Protected

Our designs are proudly patent protected around the world. Registered design patents:

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