Balanced Support Reins are a normal set of Reins with an extra elastic Support Rein attached on each rein.

The support rein is buckled on to each rein with multiple buckle holes along the rein for adjustment. It then clips to the D Rings at the front of the saddle. ( We also stock D Ring Replacers if your saddle doesn’t have D Rings, these slide over the stirrup Bars to proved a D Ring )

The support rein comes into action when the pony/ horse pulls down too far, naps or whips round or snatches to eat grass etc .

Young Riders may not have the core strength to stay Balanced in the saddle and may be pulled over the front of the saddle, Balanced support Reins prevent this from happening.

The pull is transferred from the rein to the elastic rein and stops at the saddle. The support rein acting like a second pair 10406539_707113149347219_4847638466300213565_nof soft hands, thus the horse/pony thinks that the rider still has a contact.

Balanced Support Reins, when fitted correctly, do not restrict the horse or Ponies natural movement and they can be used while jumping as they will go with the movement.

They have helped hugely with riders that find their mount dropping their heads , running out, dropping a shoulder before or after jumps.


Balanced Support Reins can help beginner riders move off the lead rein and become more independent. Much to many mum’s delight !

They are also very useful on a riding school/RDA/learning approach for the less abled rider as they will provide a steady balanced and secure contact for the horse/pony through the rein whilst the rider concentrates on their own balance and position, also providing confidence.


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