Patent approved in the UK PATENT GB2523900 and Pending Internationally!

Balanced Support Reins are proving to be an essential piece of kit for many riders, especially our younger riders. They have helped hundreds of riders so far around the UK, USA and europe. 

imageBalanced Support Reins are easy to use, making riding more enjoyable and giving confidence and control to the rider without harshness or fixing of the ponies head .
Available in

  • Small pony
  • pony
  • pony xl
  • cob
  • full

See Fitting instructions for more information on sizing.

Hand Made from top quality English Leather in England.

Colour choice of Black or Havana

Pair of leather reins with an elasticated support rein attachment.

Available in plain leather or half rubber. For other types of rein ie All Weather web, Plaited Leather please enquire.

The elastic section is attached via a buckle to either side of reins and by a trigger clip to the D rings on the front of the saddle.

Helps prevent the rider loosing contact of the reins when the pony snatches, or pulls down.

Tidy and fairly discreet, no added bulk to the bit or Horse or Pony’s head.

Until you have tried a pair it can be difficult to understand how well they work.

We have had many reports from parent’ s about the difference they made to their lives.

Children have called them ‘Magic reins’ , ‘Miracle Reins’ and ‘Wonder reins’ amongst others .

 image image
All Pony sizes in plain leather and half rubber come in 1/2 inch width
Cob and Full sizes come in 5/8 width.