The reins attach to the bit as normal.

The elastic support reins should be buckled to the hole on the rein at the loosest connection (the buckle hole on the reins nearest the riders hands).
The support reins are then clipped onto the d rings at the front of the saddle on each side. The elastic support rein should not be stretched to attach or pull on the bit.

Basically the horse/pony should have a head position in front of the vertical when fitting .

The adjustment holes on the reins allow adjustment of fit.
The horse or pony should be allowed a working in period before adjustments are made to allow them to get used to feel of them. When the rider has a contact on the reins the elastic support rein is loose and redundant.

To help you find the right size please let us know height and breed/type

approximate sizes are below

Extra Short small pony – mini, small Shetland

Small Pony /Shetland–  upto 11.2hh

Pony up to 11.3hh -13hh

Pony xl 13.2-14.2

Cob 13.2hh-15hh

Full 15hh upwards

There is room on all Half Rubber reins to add an extra Buckle hole giving an extra inch in Maximum length.

PLAIN leather reins have extra room for adjustment in Maximum length as they are not restricted by the rubber.

If you are unsure on sizing please contact us for help at anytime .

PLEASE STATE HEIGHT AND BUILD/BREED OF PONY WHEN ORDERING in the messages section  this will help us to make sure you have ordered  the correct size.