Some of our customer feedback – from our Facebook page.

Pippa Harrison – 5 star

10309722_682170698508131_4726480944854182776_nI bought these after my son moved off his lead rein pony onto his first ridden. His FR is a school master who at times tested his ability beyond what my son was capable of, so we bought these to help out in lessons and on hacks. His pony appreciated the light hands my son all of a sudden had and my son’s confidence grew as his pony was suddenly a lot more helpful when it came to applying the breaks. They have helped him so much they are a fantastic and kind bit of kit.
Paul Wait – 5 star13921_727290063996194_5903207076998840830_n

I bought these for my 5 year old daughter following a fall which resulted in a nasty break of her arm! They are helping to give her her confidence back and she does not feel the pony throwing her head, the pony also rides in more of an outline which also helps. My older daughter (9yrs) has ridden the pony using these new reins and feels more in control, and doesn’t notice the pony pulling at the reins ! Safety first!
Lorna Blunt  5 starBrilliant reins, 10341761_689043554487512_5154911676133651063_nso simple and so effective. Giving a good contact at all times, so the pony won’t make an opportune snatch for grass. So much better that traditional grass reins, as always naturally forgiving. Brilliant product, worth every penny.